Timothy Fort: The Kinetic King

Whoo, Hoo! Tim Fort is a multi-talented artist from the Minneapolis–Saint Paul region that is best known from TV and the internet as “The Kinetic King” and the guy behind those really awesome “stick bombs”: I came across his work years ago through YouTube and have been admiring his innovations ever since. In addition to being a writer, maze…

Jon Hopkins’ IMMUNITY

There are some albums that will please the masses, and then there are some albums that delight fellow musicians. Jon Hopkins’ 2013 album “Immunity” is the latter. Before you start the video above, I highly recommend that you listen to it in headphones in order to soak in all of the hi-fi subtleties. (Note: I realize that the previous sentence sounds a bit hipster, but this really is one of those albums that has tons of subtle layers that you need to hear to fully appreciate.)

An Introduction to Reddit Flair

What’s a Flair? Reddit Flair Flair are tags & icons that you can sometimes see next to a Redditor’s name or link post title in subreddits that support it. Besides providing a cool way to show a little about yourself through them, they also serve a real purpose by allowing others to filter desired/undesired content from their feeds….

M.T. Liggett

Liggett has produced (literally) hundreds of works along the side of Highway 54, right on the edge of town. It spans for perhaps a solid mile , and is several layers deep as you get closer to town. With some of the sculptures being over 20 feet tall, it’s easy to see the thousands upon thousands of hours that have gone into his totems.