M.T. Liggett

American Artist

I went to school across the street from M.T. Ligget in Mullinville, Kansas. Any time the family went to/from Dodge City or Colorado, we would admire his work and commitment to self-expression. It was fascinating to see new works pop up, without ever actually catching a glimpse of the artist himself.

His Work

Liggett has produced (literally) hundreds of works along the side of Highway 54, right on the edge of town. It spans for perhaps a solid mile , and is several layers deep as you get closer to town. With some of the sculptures being over 20 feet tall, it’s easy to see the thousands upon thousands of hours that have gone into his totems.

The people of Greensburg and Mullinville are pretty conservative, yet the content of his work is political satire on a grand scale, using cartoon-like depictions of local, state, and national politicians that he disagrees with.

He was born in Mullinville, in 1930. He has never moved away, and remains adamant that he will pass on while working in his shop.

The Arc Welder Is Mightier Than The Sword

Presidents, Mayors, and City Council members come and go.. but M.T. Liggett’s art remains. For some, it is the sore reminder that decisions have lasting consequences. For others, it is the sweet reminder that while we remain here in temporary bodies, our ideas can live on forever.. much to the joy or lament of whomever the idea happens to be about.


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