Jon Hopkins’ IMMUNITY

An EDM Album For EDM Producers

There are some albums that will please the masses, and then there are some albums that delight fellow musicians. Jon Hopkins’ 2013 album “Immunity” is the latter. Before you start the video above, I highly recommend that you listen to it in headphones in order to soak in all of the hi-fi subtleties. (Note: I realize that the previous sentence sounds a bit hipster, but this really is one of those albums that has tons of subtle layers that you need to hear to fully appreciate.)

The best part of the album is it’s unpredictability. There’s EDM grooves, but they change and shift at interesting times that you probably won’t expect. The sonic quality is remarkable, which is why I will suggest again that you experience the album in headphones. Good headphones with solid bass frequency if you can.

This is music to zone out to, or music to analyze. It’s hard to memorize, which makes it’s replay value very high. The audio engineering is kept interesting with low basses and ambient soundscapes. If you’re a jaded EDM producer, this album can provide a lot of inspiration by demonstrating how to make something beautiful and fresh out of something familiar and comfortable.


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